About Us

DollarStop® started in 2023 with our founder Mr. Akshatt Gupta with a single vision to

“Make buying and selling of
foreign currency easy and more transparent”

DollarStop® is India’s 1st online platform in the foreign exchange sector that connects genuine and reliable Foreign Exchange Service Suppliers (Dealers) DIRECTLY with Customers. We are determined to provide the customer with a hassle-free journey when buying and selling foreign currency.

Using the traveler's live location, our online platform enables the customer to get the lowest possible forex rate & the best forex exchange changer near them. DollarStop® does this by comparing the currency rates of more than 100+ top Foreign Exchange agents in their city or neighborhood.

We understand that a traveler has a lot on his/her mind when preparing for their trip abroad. Using DollarStop® the traveler can surely make their buying and selling of foreign currency easy and in a transparent manner.

DollarStop® Story

Last year, our Founder, Mr. Akshatt Gupta, was on a journey to the United States of America. Now, when you're away, you need that green paper – $dollars$ right? So, Akshatt starts the hunt for an authorized money exchanger. But Akshatt found himself playing phone tag, calling up more forex dealers than you can count on your fingers. "What's today's rate and availability on US Dollars?" he'd ask, and they'd throw numbers at him like confetti. Calling Manually is a real hassle. As he navigated the process, he discovered the disarray within India's forex market—scattered and unorganized.

This experience sparked a brilliant idea in Mr. Akshatt Gupta's mind. In a country where apps and websites simplify our lives, why not create a platform where customers can effortlessly access all authorized forex dealers in one place? And so, DollarStop® was born -a game-changer for anyone seeking to buy/sell foreign currency! Now, with the help of DollarStop® customers can find over 100+ authorized dealers near them with just a few clicks, providing real-time exchange rates. Along with the Forex rates the dealers can showcase other products and services they have to offer to the customers


- that's the DollarStop® promise.

How DollarStop® Work?

Get started in 3 easy steps

Visit our platform www.dollarstop.co.in

Select the desired currency and input your mobile number.

Click the Next button and find yourself with Top RBI Authorized forex dealers in your neighborhood.

Meet Our DollarStop® Team

Our dynamic team at DollarStop® is not just motivated and experienced; we are passionately dedicated to unraveling and solving the unique challenges our customers face. With a collective wealth of experience exceeding 20 years in both the Business and FinTech sectors, our managerial team is seasoned and well-versed in navigating the intricacies of the financial landscape. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every customer's needs are met with precision and care. Whether it's streamlining currency exchange processes or enhancing financial solutions, our team stands ready to deliver top-notch service that goes beyond expectations.

Mrs. Sushmaa Gupta

Co-Founder & Legal Advisor

Mr. Akshatt Gupta

Founder & CEO

Mr. Adityaraj Rakhunde

Associate Program Manager

What in DollarStop® Store for the future?

In our ongoing journey toward improvement, we are committed to elevating our services day by day. In this pursuit, we solemnly vow to regularly introduce new products and services, aimed at enhancing the safety and ease of our customers' travels. Our dedication lies in the constant evolution of our offerings, ensuring that every step of your journey becomes progressively secure and more convenient. Your trust fuels our commitment to innovation, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to bring you even more value, making your travel experiences with us increasingly seamless and enjoyable.

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Key Benefits of Using DollarStop®

No Comission & No Fees
User Friendly interface –
Android & IOS Compatible.
Real-Time Currency Rates Provided By Forex Dealers.
Trusted By 100+
Vendors From
All Our India.
Instant Information About
Your Forex Dealer Such As
Contact No & Location.