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UAE Dirham AED

The United Arab Emirates introduced the dirham as its legal tender on May 19, 1973, replacing the Qatar riyal. The dirham is subdivided into 100 fils. The currency's history dates back to when it replaced the Qatar riyal, which had circulated in all emirates except Abu Dhabi since 1966. Coins, initially minted in 1973, included 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 fils, and 1 dirham. Banknotes were issued in 1973 and 1982, with additional denominations introduced later. The dirham is pegged to the IMF special drawing rights and practically linked to the US dollar. The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates manages coin minting and banknote issuance, with denominations ranging from 1 to 1,000 dirhams in both coins and banknotes.

Traveling to UAE? DS Travel tips for your hassle-free journey

1. Strongest Currency:

The UAE Dirham (AED) is the official currency, and it's one of the strongest in the world.

2. Forex Currency:

If you plan to exchange the currency in India itself before leaving for Dubai, you must know the limit. You can carry up to 1,00,000 UAE Dirhams with you to Dubai. However, if you are willing to get the Foreign exchange before going out from India, prefer a reliable source for the same. Exchange your Indian Rupees for UAE Dirhams through reliable Forex dealers for the best rates. visit our platform at www.dollarstop.co.in for better and more options for forex dealers.

3. Most Visited Place:

Explore the iconic Burj Khalifa and the vibrant atmosphere of Dubai Mall.

4. Type of Visa:

If you are traveling to Dubai for business, visiting family, or pleasure, your visa must match the purpose of your visit. There are a variety of visas available for Dubai, so you can choose the one that suits your travel needs. Let's take a look at the several options for visas and permits available in Dubai.

Dubai Visa Guidelines for Indians:

Application Process:

- Apply online through an OTA or DVPC.

- Obtain an ETA for a 30-day, single-entry tourist visa.

- Specify your travel purpose for accurate visa selection.


- Pay visa processing fee and agent's commission online.

- Use Net Banking, credit card, debit card, or e-wallet.


- Provide complete documents listed online.

- OTA forwards your application to the embassy.

Visa Types:

- Study Visa: For higher education.

- Service Visa: Business-related activities.

- Visit Visa: For family or friends.

- Transit Visa: Stopover at Dubai Airport.

- Work Permit: Employment in Dubai.

- Tourist Visa: Pleasure travel.

Tourist Visa Options for Indians:

-48-Hour Visa.

-96-Hour Visa.

-Short-Term Single-Entry (14 days).

-30 Days Short Term Single Entry.

-90-Days Visa. -30-Day Multiple Entry Short-Term Visa.

-90-Day Multiple Entry Long-Term Visa.

Medical Permit:

- Required for medical attention in Dubai.

- Allows multiple entrances based on treatment duration.


- "Ok to Board" note on PNR after verification.

- Check e-visa application progress online.

5. Travel Insurance:

Secure comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events. Use our platform for the best travel insurance.

6. International SIM:

Consider getting an international SIM card for seamless communication during your stay. You can also get an international SIM at the time of arrival so don’t get hassle when we have to buy an international SIM.

7. Rules for Visitors:

Familiarize yourself with UAE's cultural norms, dress modestly, and be aware of local laws and customs. Respect the Islamic traditions and be mindful of public behavior.

For Students:

1. Student Visa: If you're a student, ensure you have the correct student visa. Check with your educational institution for guidance.

2. Educational Institutions: Explore reputable universities and colleges in the UAE for any academic exchange programs or collaborations.

3. Student Discounts: Many attractions offer student discounts, so carry your student ID for potential savings.

For Labor Work:

1. Work Visa: If you're visiting for labor work, obtain the appropriate work visa and adhere to all regulations.

2. Labor Laws: Understand UAE's labor laws and your rights as a worker. Ensure your employment contract is clear and abides by local laws.

3. Safety Measures: Follow safety guidelines in your workplace, especially if you're involved in manual labor or industrial work.

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