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Thailand ( Thai Baht)

The Thai baht (THB), symbolized as ฿, serves as the official currency of the Kingdom of Thailand, with 100 satangs making up one unit. Issued by the Bank of Thailand, the baht has historical roots dating back to the pre-first century medium of exchange, known as the Tical. Initially based on weight, both silver and gold coins were issued. Adopted as the national currency in 1897, the Baht has played a pivotal role in Thailand's export-dependent, developed economy. Exchange controls in 2006 were later lifted in 2008, harmonizing offshore and onshore rates.

Traveling to Thailand? DS Travel tips for your hassle-free journey

1. Strongest Currency:

The Thai Baht is the official currency in Thailand, and it's good to carry some Baht for local transactions. However, USD is widely accepted, and major credit cards are also commonly used.

2. Forex Currency:

The minimum amount you must carry from India to Thailand is THB 20,000 per person and THB 40,000 per family. The max you can carry in cash is THB 50,000. Utilize our online search platform to find reliable forex dealers for exchanging your Indian Rupees for Thai baht. opt for reliable forex dealers to exchange your currency for Thai Baht. Ensure you have enough cash for small transactions.

3. Most Visited Place:

Bangkok, the vibrant capital, is a must-visit with its bustling markets, ornate temples, and exciting nightlife.

4. Type of Visa:

Transit Visa:

For short stays during layovers.

Smart Visa:

Attracts skilled workers in targeted industries, promoting science, technology, startups, and investments.

Non-Immigrant F Visa:

For foreigners on official works with embassies, government agencies, or international organizations.

Non-Immigrant O Visa:

For family visits to Thai residents, including spouses, adopted children, and parents of Thai nationals.

Visa on Arrival (VOA):

Allows Indian passport holders 15 days, extendable through the Immigration Bureau.

5. Travel Insurance:

It's advisable to have comprehensive travel insurance covering medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost belongings. Use our platform for the best travel insurance.

6. International SIM:

Consider getting a local SIM card for your stay or ensuring your international plan covers usage in Thailand to stay connected. You can also get an international SIM at the time of arrival so don’t get hassle when we have to buy an international SIM.

7. Rules for Visitors in Thai Baht:

Respect the local customs and traditions. Always carry a copy of your passport, and be aware of local laws, especially regarding public behavior and cultural sites.

8. Tips for Students:

Students should ensure their educational documents are attested and carry a valid student visa. Familiarize yourself with local university procedures and connect with student communities for a smoother transition.

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